About Us

Our History

Founded by top American and Chinese textile experts in the later 1990s, CRS International Co., Ltd. has become a leading-edge home textile designer and manufacturer, with headquarters in Palatine, Illinois and manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, China. 

Our Quality

We work closely with customers to develop unique designs and constructions, and transform these fashionable designs into premium home fashions at our manufacturing facilities in China. We are dedicated to maintaining high quality throughout the production process. Innovative design and superior product quality have made CRS a leading textile importer of blankets, carpet, window treatments, bed linens and general merchandise.

Our Brands

POPTEX® is a registered trademark for CRS International Co., Ltd. POPTEX® represents superior home textile product quality. Various selections for POPTEX® product include blanket, curtains, carpet, bed linens and table linens. 

DRAGON® is another brand name for CRS International Co.,Ltd.. Designed for middle and low-income consumers, Dragon blanket, curtain, carpet, bed linens ,table linens and clothing are extremely affordable with satisfactory quality.